Care recipient (cr) gets upset or agitated at meal time

Try: # provide enough light to see the food but not bright glaring light # make sure there are no unpleasant smells such as strong cleaning products at mealtime # make sure the food looks and smells good # put nonskid material under plate cup etc to avoid movement of the objects # use plain unbreakable plastic dishes # remove distracting items such as salt and pepper shakers from the table # give cr only one utensil either a fork or spoon during the meal # give cr one or two foods at one time and keep the food simple # allow cr to feed him or herself as much as possible # give cr a full apron or smock to wear while eating # minimize the number of people at the table make people sit in the same place at the table during regular meals to avoid confusion # serve the meal at a small table in a quiet room; turn off tv or radio

Materials: # plain plastic dishes with no design or pattern # nonskid shelf liner material; available at any store that carries kitchen items # plastic tablecloth; one for table one for floor if necessary # apron or smock

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