Care recipient (cr) displays inappropriate behavior without remorse or understanding the seriousness of the situation

Try: When the behavior starts try redirecting the conversation or redirect the cr to another area away from the situation don’t get angry or scold the cr because this could elevate the situation instead remain calm and allow the cr to vent the frustration and or anger to validate feelings try to pinpoint something that you can use as a focal point for example a positive memory or favorite possession ask the cr to discuss the focal point and expand on it to help calm the situation speak slowly and softly and be positive and reassuring don’t try to reason with the cr or offer lengthy explanations of why the behavior was uncalled for this may cause more confusion and distress in some cases the cr may have already forgotten what the inappropriate behavior was or why it was done

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Keywords: Compulsive behavior

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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