Care recipient (cr) compulsively overeats or binge eats and needs help controlling eating habits

Try: Encourage cr to admit that he or she is a compulsive eater as with any problem the first step is to admit there is something that needs to be changed encourage cr to take an honest look at him or herself and admit to a dysfunctional relationship with food encourage cr to accept and admit that he or she is using food other than to satisfy physical hunger this is the most difficult step to do because many people live in denial encourage cr to seek support from family and friends encourage the cr to be upfront with family and friends about his or her desire to fix this problem however if other members of cr’s family are also binge eaters then cr may not get the support needed suggest that cr consider whether other sources of help should be sought out for example the cr may want to consider group therapy sessions or friends supportive family and friends may help motivate the cr to change the way that he or she lives encourage the cr to stop using food as a crutch encourage the cr to start treating food as something that the body needs for nourishment remind the cr that food is not meant as a replacement for other things missing in life suggest that the cr avoid grabbing a donut or head out to the vending machine when feeling stressed remind the cr that food should only be put in the mouth when he or she is really hungry encourage the cr to acknowledge his or her feelings and emotions encourage cr to avoid hiding or denying his or her emotions if the cr is angry encourage him or her to not stuff a hamburger into the mouth when cr is sad encourage him or her not to use a tub of ice cream for comfort help the cr learn to isolate the feelings or emotions so that they can be dealt with once the emotions are identified and acknowledged by the cr ways to work through it can be developed and implemented encourage the cr to start other productive activities to replace compulsive eating help cr understand that his or her mindset needs to be switched from always thinking about food to other things encourage the cr to cultivate non-food related hobbies suggest that cr go out and make friends join a club organization church or volunteer group

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References: Adapted from www howtodothings com how to stop binge eating or compulsive overeating by jessica turner no date

Keywords: Overeats food obsession compulsive eater eats too much food addiction

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