Care recipient (cr) acts inappropriately and just isn’t the same person he she used to be

Try: Try to remember that cr is not being deliberately difficult; cr’s sense of reality may be very different to yours but very real to them cr’s cognitive condition can affect his her ability to use logic and reason so things that may seem obvious to you might appear to be very different for cr ask yourself whether the behavior is really a problem if the behavior is linked to a particular activity such as washing or dressing ask yourself if this task really needs to be done right now or if you could leave it for a while until cr has calmed down try to put yourself in cr cr’s situation imagine how cr might be feeling and what he she might be trying to express offer as much reassurance to cr as you can remember that all behavior is a means of communication if you can establish what cr is trying to communicate you will resolve the problem much more quickly try distracting cr with calming activities such as a hand massage stroking a pet a drive in the country or by playing cr’s favourite music try to make sure that you have support for yourself and breaks when you need them some people find unusual behaviors particularly a repetitive behaviour very irritating if you feel you can’t contain your irritation make an excuse to leave the room for a while if you find cr cr’s behavior really difficult to deal with ask for advice from professionals or other carers before you become too stressed try to determine whether cr’s odd behavior is due to medication side effects investigate drugs cr is taking and become familiar with these effects this can help you understand cope and accept unusual behaviors because you will know not to take inappropriate words or actions to heart remember that it is possible to be the cause of the behavior through a lack of understanding of what cr is trying to communicate try stepping away from the situation look at cr cr’s body language and try to understand what he she might be feeling at that time give cr space to calm down and offer reassurance

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References: unusual behaviourby janet keane 2010 available at www alzheimers org uk

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