Care recipients crs in an assisted living facility experience an almost total lack of human contact

Try: # have the group divide into twos # one cr goes first taking a seat in the chair # have the other cr put warm water in the basin and bring it to the table that cr should dip the washcloth in the warm water wring it out and place it on the face of the seated person when the washcloth becomes cool this step should be repeated # place a small amount of face cream in a small plastic bowl and place it next to each pair # the standing cr should warm the cream a little by rubbing it in his or her hands then apply a little to the seated person person’s face # the standing cr should support the seated cr cr’s head and gently massage the cream over the face of the seated cr continue massaging gentle for about five minutes the standing cr should ask which motions the sitting cr feels most comfortable with and continue those # the two crs can switch places and repeat the process

Materials: Room that can accommodate a group such as an art room; the room should have counters or tables chairs and hot and cold running water small plastic wash basins one for each every two people available in almost any department or drug store with a bath and beauty section thick white washcloths one per person department or drug store or participants can bring his or her own small plastic bowl pleasantly scented face cream and hypoallergenic face cream for those who may need it department or drug stores

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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