Care recipient (cr) has difficulty manipulating a manual toothbrush either from normal effects of aging or due to pain from arthritis or similar condition

Try: # secure tennis ball in the vice or between two heavy books so it will not move # very carefully cut a small slit into the tennis ball using the box cutter just big enough to fit the handle of the toothbrush # push the handle of the toothbrush into the hole about an inch deep # so long as the hole is small the toothbrush should be secure # alternatively try cutting a toothbrush-sized slit through a foam stress ball and push the toothbrush handle through again matching the hole size to the toothbrush handle or making the hole a little smaller will ensure the best fit # the ball provides an easier grip for the cr # this same trick can also be used with forks spoons or anything cr has difficulty handling

Materials: Tennis ball slightly used is easier to work with but a new one is also fine box cutter vice or something to secure the tennis ball so it won’t roll or foam stress ball long sharp knife and new soft manual toothbrush

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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