Care recipient (cr) becomes agitated resistant or combative before or during bathing

Try: #make sure the bathing area is as safe as possible for the cr and the caregiver if the cr moves about when agitated it is particularly important to have no-skid surfaces in the tub or shower and to have bathmats on the floor keep clutter and glass away from the tub or shower #give the cr the extra washcloth to hold while he or she is being bathed holding the cloth may give the cr a sense of control and it will allow the cr to help with the bathing process when possible it may also keep the cr cr’s hands too full to strike out #consider using a lightweight smallish towel to drape over the cr in the shower or the tub to protect the cr cr’s privacy or modesty as desired by the cr uncover only that part of the body that is being washed and then cover it again before moving on to wash another area #if a cr cr’s resistance is related to acute anxiety or poses a threat to self or others you may want to explore medicinal options with the appropriate doctor #consider having a small treat waiting for the cr at the end of the bath or shower in the form of a special snack or activity however never promise something that is a basic necessity such as food water or rest in exchange for cooperation access to sleep water and nutrition should never depend on the cr cr’s behavior #be willing to look at why you think the cr needs to bathe maintaining the health of the skin and preventing bed sores is a critical reason eliminating any trace of body odor in an otherwise physically healthy cr may be negotiable and you may be able to deal with it by supplementing less-frequent showers with more frequent sponge baths

Materials: No-skid mat for bath or shower bathmats extra washcloth lightweight small body towel for use in shower or bath medication consultation safe space for bathing

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