Care recipient (cr) wants to learn how to use a computer

Try: Be patient when you are teaching cr have enough patience for him her because sometimes he she may be harder to teach than your kids make yourself approachable so cr won’t hesitate to ask questions try to help cr be comfortable with the computer cr may feel intimidated in front of the computer so you must make him her feel comfortable all the time and encourage cr that learning to use a computer can be done by anyone regardless of their age show respect in teaching cr you may have to repeat each step that you are teaching to be able to help him her catch up cr expects to be treated right and be respected you can show respect to cr by being patient to him her all the time even though he she may be harder to teach than the usual in teaching cr try to speak slowly and softly show cr individually how to navigate the computer to find and use each program he she is interested in then it is important to let cr do ithe tasks him herself still with your help so you can make sure he she has learned each task correctly; explain things clearly once you have started the process in teaching cr make him her comfortable by showing each part of the computer in that way you can help removing cr’s fears of using the computer if he she understands the use of each part show cr the monitor mouse keyboard memory processor and video card then allow him her to learn the use of it get started now that you know how to approach cr you may start teaching them the basics you may start turning on the computer explain the use of the mouse and keyboard manually the best way to get started is to teach cr how to play solitaire on the computer it is easy to be learned and cr may enjoy it it will instantly resolve cr’s fears and intimidations once he she gets to enjoy using it teach the basic programs start teaching cr how to operate the necessary things about computers and how to navigate it explain to cr how to use basic programs on the computer like microsoft word and excel tell him her what these programs can do for him her show cr the importance of these programs to get his her interest on it then help cr to understand about the internet and demonstrate how it works ask cr to do a search on the search engine to introduce it to him her cr may find it hard to handle a mouse he she may even hold it in a wrong way try guiding cr’s hands while moving the mouse avoid talking and using complicated words such as computer terms that may be harder for cr to relate to ajust every setting on the monitor so that give some reminders remind cr to practice navigating the computer more often tell cr that the more he she expose him herself into it the more he she will learn you may want to write down some important lists on how to navigate the computer and give it to cr so he she has his her guide when he she is on his her own

Materials: Pen and paper

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Information: From the telephone book look under support groups or nicotine anonymous

References: how to teach senior citizens to use a computer by troy marshall no date available at www howtodothings com

Keywords: Computer internet

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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