Malnutrition or lack of appetite is increasingly common in care recipients cr the causes of malnutrition might seem obvious too little food or a diet lacking in nutrients however malnutrition is often caused by a combination of issues the following are tips for what to look for in causes of malnutrition

Try: Health concerns crs often have health issues that can lead to decreased appetite or trouble eating such as chronic illness use of certain medications difficulty swallowing or absorbing nutrients or trouble chewing due to dental issues a recent hospitalization might be accompanied by loss of appetite or other nutrition problems restricted diets dietary restrictions , such as limits on salt fat protein or sugar , can help manage certain medical conditions but might also contribute to inadequate eating limited income some crs might have trouble affording groceries especially if they’re taking expensive medications reduced social contact crs who eat alone might not enjoy meals causing them to lose interest in cooking and eating depression grief loneliness failing health lack of mobility and other factors might contribute to depression , causing loss of appetite alcoholism too much alcohol can interfere with the digestion and absorption of various nutrients

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