Care recipient (cr) had a bowel movement away from the toilet and needs to remove the stain odor

Try: First clean up as much of it as you are able with paper towels or other disposable helpers fill the glass container with the very very hot water add the laundry soap and vinegar and shake vigorously generously apply to the stained area on the carpet with a sponge or rag so that the area is wet and saturated with the mixture fold the towels and lay them flat over the area at least six layers thick find some incredibly heavy object with a flat bottom – a five gallon water bottle works well or piles of very heavy books put the object s on top of the towels let sit overnight the stain magically soaks up into the towels depending on the depth of the stain it can take more than one application but it really works pretty well

Materials: A bunch of thick terry towels sponge a glass container with a tight screw-on lid one tablespoon of good laundry detergent one tablespoon of white vinegar one cup of super hot tap water but not boiling water incredibly heavy object at least 5 pounds

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References: stroke caregiver’s handbook by joyce dreslin no date available at www strokesafe org

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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