Care recipient (cr) forgets what day of the week it is or the year and sometimes gets disoriented during the day

Try: Try giving cr moment-to-moment cues for example when cr gets up in the morning or after a nap some comment can be made that tells cr what day and what season it is this type of cueing is particularly helpful outside the home for example you might say we are at the post office to buy some stamps and to mail a letter to our son fred try telling cr in advance what is scheduled for the day as well as where he she is going with whom and for how long reviewing these activities upon their completion will also be helpful for example you might say we are done buying stamps and mailing the letter to our son fred

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Information: A recent picture and description of cr a current list of medications and past medications if known a copy of the criteria for emergency evaluations and civil commitments in your jurisdiction a doctor psychiatrist or social worker can help you get this information if possible ask cr to sign a medical release form that allows you to see his her medical information

References: basic suggestions to improve care by northwestern university feinberg school of medicine 2002 available at www brain northwestern edu

Keywords: Disoriented disorientation forgets forgetful memory loss week day year dates

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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