Care recipient (cr) is experiencing the early stages of a memory loss problem

Try: Try to help cr keep appointments by suggesting that he she write them down on a calendar or post sticky notes where he she will notice them avoid criticizing cr when he she has trouble remembering words or names try saying something like did you mean your nephew david try to help cr recall familiar places or people by saying you play bridge with ruth on wednesdays at the community center suggest that cr ask his her bank to set up check drafts to automatically pat his her bills for him her or ask cr if he she would like you to balance his her checkbook for him her try to help cr keep track of his her medications by making a list of them and when they should be taken or use a calendar to write down the days times amounts that each medication should be taken have cr cross off the day after taking the medication just in case he she can’t remember if he she took his her medication try putting adhesive labels on the washer and dryer and in the bathroom to help cr become more oriented with what and where things are try making a list of daily chores in a schedule type format so that cr can better manage his her day suggest that cr use a daily planner to help him her plan or organizing his her daily tasks

Materials: Calendar sticky notes and pen or marker daily planner

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References: Adapted from www alz org early-stage caregiving by staff writer no date

Keywords: Memory loss forgetful forgets routine medication management planning organizing

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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