Whether you need full-time part-time or respite caregivers to help with the care of a family member finding the right person for the job may…

Try: Whether you need full-time part-time or respite caregivers to help with the care of a family member finding the right person for the job may not be easy you may hire an in-home caregiver through an agency or on your own preparing a list of questions beforehand can help facilitate the interview with a prospective care giver clarify and reinforce your requirements and narrow down the choices before the interview create a job description that lists the duties involved and the schedule desired if possible check around to find out what kind of reputation the care giving agency or individual caregiver has talk to individuals who have actually used the services or health care professionals who are familiar with the agency or individual questions to ask when interviewing candidates for in-home caregiver start with a simple icebreaker question such as "tell me a little bit about yourself your interests and your hobbies " what is your phone number and when is a good time to call ask for identification such as a driver’s license and proof of insurance if there is no driver’s license what transportation will you use to come to work how far away do you live ask for permission to do a background check tell the applicant that you will check references talk to previous employers and search the county judicial system for any criminal public records what type of care giving training have you had have you had cpr or first-aid training go over your job description and list of duties one-by-one are you comfortable with the duties and physically able to perform them if you have pets in the home ask about allergies and or fear of pets what was the last position you held for how long and why did you leave ask for a contact number for their last employer and permission to contact do you smoke how flexible are you if the schedule would need to be adjusted if meal preparation is one of the duties ask what type of foods you can cook have you had experience dealing with challenging behaviors do you have any outside obligations that would affect the schedule such as school or another part-time job what type of time commitment would you be willing to make if hired are you comfortable keeping daily records to keep the family informed as to changes in the care recipient’s condition or daily activities why do you feel that you are qualified for this particular position please provide some examples of difficult care giving situations that you have been involved in and how you solved them have you had experience in caring for someone with memory problems or cognitive impairment the prospective caregiver may also be asked to fill out a written job application and provide references from previous employers when you make your final decision for who you will hire provide the caregiver with a w-4 tax form to fill out information references

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