The benefits of laughter in a care giving situation can be two-fold laughter can help lighten the mood of the Care recipient (cr) which will…

Try: The benefits of laughter in a care giving situation can be two-fold laughter can help lighten the mood of the Care recipient (cr) which will make communication and cooperation easier without the added side effects of medications laughter can also help alleviate stressful situations for the caregiver (cg) using humor in any situation can soften the realities dry the tears and strengthen the bond between the cr and the cg happiness and laughter are contagious suggestions for instilling a little more laughter into each day rent some old slapstick comedies such as abbott and costello three stooges even some old charlie chaplin silent movies the silliness and absurdity of these movies may bring some joy and delight to those who watch cut out the mentally stressful television shows that depict fear and anxiety and switch instead to a funny sitcom or possibly some nature documentaries tune into some children’s shows on television nothing brings a smile on quicker than to seeing young children interacting with each other create a library of humorous books sayings jokes riddles and quotations make a routine of interjecting some of these at different times during the day keep a daily joy journal and write down anything during the day that brings happiness or joy whether it is a funny story a hilarious happening or a particular joke that brought a smile to your face share your funny stories with others and let them share theirs with you this can be done in support groups when visiting with family and neighbors or online look for the laughter in everyday situations hit the "pause" button when stress threatens to overwhelm you take a step back and look at the situation from the outside in and try to look at it from a different and possibly humorous perspective laugh for absolutely no reason just hearing laughter will cause others around you to start laughing and the benefits of just laughing out loud are healthful and mood elevating the physical benefits of laughter improves cardiovascular health improves respiration lowers blood pressure reduces pain enhances the immune system decreases stress hormones increases muscle relaxation burns calories the mental benefits of laughter improves brain functions improves dispositions releases pent-up feelings of anger and frustration reduces tension lowers anxiety enhances creativity promotes resilience the social benefits of laughter promotes psychological well-being and raises self-esteem helps with loneliness enhances our connection with others provides a powerful distraction tool helps diffuse conflicts information references adapted from www helpguide org csa senior spirit; association for applied and therapeutic humor; the power of laughter for caregivers right-at-home

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