Grief happens when you lose a loved one or experience a traumatic event concerning a loved one when you lose someone you love dearly you…

Try: Grief happens when you lose a loved one or experience a traumatic event concerning a loved one when you lose someone you love dearly you will feel different kinds of emotions you’ll feel hurt and pain without knowing when it will all go away you need to understand the stages of grief to help you prepare for each stage you have to remember though that some people respond to grief in different ways while you may get through some stages in a short period of time it may take years for others no one really know how long it will take you to get through all of the stages of grief the various stages of the grieving process are described below to help you better understand what you are going through and to help you cope denial stage this is the first stage of the grieving process denial happens when you refuse to recognize the truth or the reality of the situation this is quite a normal behavior or reaction for someone who lost a loved one it may be hard for you to understand why things like this happen you could be in the denial state for years especially when you deal with a traumatic event like death anger if you lose a loved one you may feel very upset this emotion can be experienced in more ways than one when you lose someone your initial reaction may be to start blaming yourself for what happened next you may start blaming others like friends and family in this stage you would basically try to divert the pain and hurt you are feeling towards the situation again this is normal and should not be held against you understanding and patience are what what’s needed most in this stage bargaining at this point you are already trying to move past anger and start to bargain you would ask god why he took the life of the one you loved and bargain for something important in your life for example you could try and negotiate a deal like having a better relationship with your spouse children and so on simply put bargaining is asking for something to ease the situation depression this is the stage where you feel lonely most of the time you feel sorry for yourself and isolate yourself from others you may feel that you are too emotionally drained to even function there is a lot of sadness remorse fear or anxiety and ambiguity this stage also shows progress for the grieving individual you would begin to feel acceptance of the truth although a lot of other emotions are still being experienced acceptance finally this stage is where you come to realize that it really did happen you are now more accepting of the truth and the reality of the situation you begin to recognize that things happen for a reason and that death is inevitable you acknowledge the facts of life and that life simply happens during this stage you also learn to move on move forward from the grief of losing someone and become a better person you may use what you have experienced in the grieving process as a stepping stone to a more fulfilling life information references adapted from www howtodothings com "how to understand stages of grief" by norman bailey no date

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