Care recipient (cr) refuses to eat certain foods or isn’t very interested in eating

Try: Focus on what cr likes to eat rather than your idea of perfect nutrition changing taste buds may make foods seem particularly bland unless there are strong medical reasons for a specific diet once someone reaches a certain age and is losing weight it it’s usually more important that he or she eats for pleasure and gets enough calories make available a variety of reasonably healthful high-calorie choices such as puddings shakes smoothies and cereal season liberally with herbs and other flavorings to make foods more enticing avoid nagging making a big deal about eating only sets up a battle of wills serve micro-meals throughout the day rather than the big three cr may not feel like eating much at a single meal try to keep in mind that some older adults forget to eat because of memory problems

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References: Adapted from www caring com how to handle difficult behaviors by f paula spencer scott no date

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