Care recipient (cr) is often taken advantage of by others and finds it hard to say no

Try: If cr is too busy suggest that he she try saying something like i can’t commit to this as i have other priorities at the moment this lets the person know cr’s plate is full at the moment so the other person should hold off on this as well as future requests if it makes it easier cr can also share what he she is working on so the person can understand better if cr is right in the middle of something and gets a sudden request he she could try saying something like now’s not a good time as i’m in the middle of something how about we reconnect at x time if cr doesn’t want to be rude he she could say no on a positive way for example cr could say i’d love to do this but _____ if cr is interested in doing something but doesn’t want to say yes right now he she could say let me think about it first and i’ll get back to you if someone is pitching a deal opportunity which isn’t what cr is looking for for example an investment opportunity cr could say something like this doesn’t meet my needs now but i’ll be sure to keep you in mind if cr is being asked for something say money and doesn’t have it or doesn’t want to give it he she could try saying something like i’m not the best person to help on this why don’t you try x if cr doesn’t want to do something enourage him her to just say no i can’t cr would be surprised at how easy this is and other people’s reactions are generally not that negative after a while the other person will probably stip asking

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Information: With the claims medicare processed to make sure he she or medicare weren’t billed for services or items he she didn’t get encourage cr to check his her receipts and statements early , the sooner cr sees and reports errors the sooner they can be corrected or fraud can be stopped

References: 7 simple ways to say no by celestine chua 2010 available at www zenhabits net

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