Care recipient (cr) is feeling a bit depressed but doesn’t know why

Try: Try to help cr make a sense out of his her apparent depression for example try asking cr these questions have you been separated to your relatives are they living somewhere far are you not getting much physical activities now are you simply bored because you really can’t do the things you used to enjoy suggest that cr consider meeting people at regular intervals for example you could suggest that cr visit a friend on weekends encourage cr to go to his her friend’s house or invite a friend over encourage cr to engage in various activities for example you might suggest that cr play a board game watch a movie or work on a project cr could even spend time just exchanging ideas while sharing good food or enjoying a cup of health drink cr might also enjoy joining a club for people his her age try to help cr find one in his her community suggest that cr get a pet you can take care of a dog or a cat you can also choose any other animal that you like a pet can provide cr company and it can make cr’s leisure time more productive and enjoyable encourage cr to get out of his her house every now and then suggest that cr enjoy a morning or a day in the park walk around and relish the sunlight you could also suggest that cr invite some family relatives and friends for a picnic another good option is spending some time in the mall check out the new arrivals is there any on-going sale event if cr’s budget is tight he she can just go around window-shopping encourage cr to indulge in some physical activities a good exercise can help cr handle his her depression bout well if cr doesn’t have the gadgets at home he she could visit a health club in the community cr may also enjoy dipping into the pool

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References: how to deal with depression in the elderly by katherine watson no date available at www howtodothings com

Keywords: Depression feeling down self pity got the blues grief loss sadness lonely loneliness exercise social activities things to do

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