Care recipient (cr) becomes anxious when eating out at a restaurant with other dinner guests even old friends

Try: #to alleviate the cr cr’s anxiety drive past the restaurant and point it out to the cr go inside and pick up a copy of the menu to bring home depending on the restaurant the staff may be able to give you a copy of the take-out menu or make a copy of an actual menu #if the cr is concerned about how comfortable the restaurant will be call or visit ahead of time to confirm that the staff can meet any of the cr cr’s special needs ask questions about bathrooms seating and space for wheelchairs or walkers if these are concerns #once home go over the menu choices so the cr can make a dinner selection ahead of time #look at recent pictures of people you are meeting for dinner to refresh the cr cr’s memory of the other guests talk about the past and current lives of other guests so the cr can participate in the conversation at dinner #reassure the cr that the dinner will be pleasant #consider taking a camera to the dinner to take a picture of the group the photo will be a nice memento and a possible aid in recalling the event later

Materials: Copy of the menu from restaurant vehicle restaurant photos of other guests who will be dining with the cr camera

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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