Care recipient (cr) asks the same questions to others over and over again or repeats things he she has already said

Try: Respond to the emotion instead of the specific question cr may simply want reassurance use brief statements try not to remind cr that he she has asked the same question before as this may be upsetting to him her try a gentle touch when verbal response does not help use a calm voice when responding to repeated questions use simple written reminders if cr can still read try not to discuss plans with cr until just before the event if this causes agitation and repeated questions ignore the behavior if there is no response or reinforcement the behavior may stop redirect cr’s attention to focus on a simple task or activity such as looking at a magazine picture book or tv

Materials: Pen and paper magazines or picture books

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References: mental health mental illness healthy aging a nh guide for older adults and caregivers by nami nh 2001 available at www nami org

Keywords: Repeats repetition annoying behavior challenging behavior distracted distractions memory loss verbal communication

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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