Care recipient (cr) is absentminded and forgetful

Try: Encorage the cr to implement the following recommendations simplify your life don’t be overwhelmed by too many things at once and take tasks one at a time get proper rest and nutrition keep to a schedule individuals who stick to a schedule may be less absentminded than people who don’t get plenty of exercise both physical and mental challenge your brain in new and creative ways throughout life keep items that you use every day in the same place all the time find a place in your house and consistently put your keys or your eyeglasses there for example on the mantle or on the table by the door make effective use of cues and reminders such as sticky notes or a calendar some of your errors due to absentmindedness can be overcome by using reminders for example make a list of things to take every time you leave the house keys billfold glasses incontinence pads and so on

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