Care recipient (cr) has trouble communicating

Try: Speak slowly and clearly not loudly cr can still hear one person at a time being aphasic in a roomful of people is like having that many televisions all set to different channels at the same time it it’s impossible confusing and upsetting to follow any one plot assume cr can understand and don’t say anything negative or what you wouldn’t want cr to hear in front of cr encourage cr to talk even if the words aren’t correct or are just repeating what you say not talking for fear of embarrassment is worse than trying and not doing it well try not to answer for cr as practice is necessary for improvement often people who cannot speak can sing play music like golden oldies or something that will personally stimulate cr like a holiday carol or i left my heart in san francisco if you’re one of the rare breed who can sing the national anthem go for it keep the tv on especially when there there’s no one around if you have the tv option for captions of words being spoken use it – it it’s a good stimulus for the brain

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References: stroke caregiver’s handbook by joyce dreslin no date available at www strokesafe org

Keywords: Aphasia communication trouble speaking trouble finding the right words verbal verbalization talking slurred speech

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