Care recipient (cr) has lost interest in activities that he or she used to enjoy others have to offer frequent reminders to do simple tasks such as brushing teeth or taking a bath

Try: Try setting up a regular schedule for cr to follow the goal is for the cr to learn a routine so well that it becomes automatic post the schedule where it can be easily seen by the cr make sure it is on the cr’s calendar help the cr develop a list of goals or tasks to be completed help the cr check off completed tasks so that he or she can see progress encourage cr to have a sense of purpose for the tasks that need to be accomplished a sense of purpose along with structure can help the cr take initiative

Materials: Calendar notebook pen

Categories: Cognitive Intellectual, Emotional Psychological, Some Supervision, Maximum Supervision, Fully Aware, Somewhat Aware

Information: n/a

References: traumatic brain injury a guide for caregivers of service members and veterans – module 2 by the office of the u s surgeon general no date available at www traumaticbraininjuryatoz org

Keywords: Initiative motivation

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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