Care recipient (cr) and his her family members find it hard to accept offers for help from others

Try: Try using the power of yes for example when people offer to help you and cr, say yes yes you can pick up something at the grocery store for me yes you can come and sit with joan while i go for a walk yes i would love to have you drop off a meal try to accept the offer of help as a generous gift from someone who cares about you and cr try to understand that no one expects you to do it all

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Information: A recent picture and description of cr a current list of medications and past medications if known a copy of the criteria for emergency evaluations and civil commitments in your jurisdiction a doctor psychiatrist or social worker can help you get this information if possible ask cr to sign a medical release form that allows you to see his her medical information

References: a caregiver’s guide to huntington’s disease by huntington’s disease society of america 2011 available at www hdsa org

Keywords: Asking for help care giving friends homebound running errands respite respite care

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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