caregiver (cg) is having trouble dealing with an angry and frustrated Care recipient (cr)

Try: Watch and listen to the cr in an attempt to determine the reason for the anger frustration or difficult behavior for example was there a sudden noise that startled the cr does the cr cr’s get more angry and frustrated as the day progresses due to fatigue does the cr feel useless is the cr in pain is the cr finding it difficult and frustrating to perform the usual daily tasks is the cr frustrated because he or she can’t remember things does the cr have fear and uncertainty about illness and disease does the cr feel helpless any of the above situations along with many others could result in the cr having angry outbursts being impatient complaining and making sarcastic remarks watch for indications that the cr may be frustrated with his or her immediate or long-term situation gradual withdrawal disinterest in activities that used to bring pleasure and long periods of silence are often clues that the cr is having some emotional difficulties encourage the cr to talk about his or her fears and concerns some crs won’t want to discuss what what’s bothering them out of pride others may not want to burden you the caregiver with their concerns about financial worries or their future health and care do your best to determine what is behind the emotions or attitude change stay calm when dealing with the cr cr’s demands criticism and anger often such emotions are a projection of an elderly cr cr’s feelings of increasing isolation and inability to engage in activities that he or she used to do seek advice advice and support from family friends and other individuals who are knowledgeable in care giving and anger management explore other care options if the cr continuously refuses your help and insists that you leave him or her alone this is strongly recommended in a deteriorating situation where the cr is no longer safe having major difficulties with daily living activities and chores not eating right because he or she can’t cook anymore and so on it may be time to seek help inside the cr cr’s residence from a home care agency enroll in an adult day care program or consider a move to a senior housing community even though this may be very unpleasant and difficult it may be better to act now rather than wait for a crisis to unfold down the road

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