Care recipient (cr) gets aggressive and acts out

Try: If cr becomes aggressive remember that it is the medical issue he she is dealing with, not the person, causing the behavior avoid confrontation be positive and reassuring and speak with a quiet soothing voice if cr becomes physically aggressive back away it may help to say something such as please don’t hurt me avoid restraining cr such as holding his her hands or arms but do what is best to remain safe if aggression becomes a concern remove heavy or sharp objects from the environment and keep them out of sight

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References: managing challenging behaviors in people with alzheimer’s by mayo clinic on alzheimer alzheimer’s disease petersen ronald ed 2002 available at www christianacare org

Keywords: Hostility belligerence aggressive aggression hostile behavior acts out mad angry anger hysterical emotional status distractibility distracted

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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