Care recipient (cr) constantly asks the same question or repeats him herself over and over

Try: Try to be reassuring to cr his her repetition may be due to feeling anxious or upset about something for example if cr constantly asks about his her dead spouse or close friend it may be because cr is worried that he she doesn’t have anyone to take care of him her try reassuring cr by saying something like don’t worry i’m here and i’ll always be here for you and take care of you try asking cr how he she is feeling if cr repeats questions about the next doctor doctor’s appointment it may mean that cr has health concerns or is afraid of the doctor try to focus on the emotion rather than the behavior instead of simply answering cr’s questions every time they’re asked reply with words of comfort for example when cr wants to know who you are say in a calm soothing voice who you are and assure him her that everything is fine that you’re there and will take care of him her add that there will be plenty of food tonight and that heshe is fortunate to have such a great doctor if words don’t help you may be able to ease cr’s fears by putting on music giving a shoulder massage taking a walk outside or another pleasant diversion try making flash cards with answers to cr’s common questions then when cr asks the question just flash the card in front of him her this may help you be less frustrated by staying silent instead of saying quit walking around the kitchen you might suggest that the two of you take a walk outdoors but — very important — you should also ask yourself if the behavior really needs to be stopped for example cr may feel competent and helpful when he she is folding that towel 50 times and the towel won’t mind either

Materials: Flash cards marker

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References: repetitive behavior and alzheimer’s by beth witrogen 2012 available at www consumer healthday com

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